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Spaceport alpha

Spaceport Alpha is a bluebox map at present. There is only one option of gameplay here- Death Match. It is one of the most favored place for death matches.

Tip1- HealthEdit

At the top of the map, there is a Uberhealth. Just like Cuberstrike, your main priority is to get there. Once there, you can snipe, or go close combat. When sniping, be aware that people can come from behind and kill you. If you get hit once, drop to the ground floor, where there is plenty of health at both sides.

Tip2- SnipingEdit

There is a sniping platform in the map. However, it makes you look very obvious, so it is easy to get killed there. For hiding, crouching near the launch pad gives you excellent camoflauge and a quick escape route when someone comes.