Space city is still currently in bluebox stage. It is very popular with team death matches.

Quote from cmuneEdit

NEW MAP! & Midweek Special: Force Cannon Plus

by nad » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:37 am

Hey guys,

Thanks for baring with us while we were down today. We've just pushed out a brand new Blue Box map codenamed Space City and it's now live! (Don't worry about the name, there'll be competitions for that later).

To celebrate we've also slashed 70% Off the Credits price Force Cannon Plus and reduced the points prices & level lock to 15. The FCP+ is perfect for fragging your enemies on Space City. Check it out in game now!

Cheers, Nad

Tip1- HealthEdit

You can notice there is a Uberhealth and two big healths in the middle of the map. To get there quickly, use a spring grenade to jump into the center. If there is no health there, you can still use the spring grenade to get to the other side quickly.

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