Cuberstrike has been in bluebox for a very long time. It is one of the most popular maps in uberstrike, as it is perfect in all 3 events- Team elimination, Team Deathmatch and Death match .

Tip1- Game startEdit

When the game just started, head for the one and only Uberhealth in the map. Get there as quick as you can, and try not to let anyone else get there before you do. Then, drop down onto the big armor below. This ensures you have more health AND armor points than the others. Then, you just strafe to the enemy, and try your best. This strategy gives you an advantage, so you shouldbe able to kill them, unless they're pro.

Tip2- StrafeEdit

Strafing is perfectly suited to cuberstrike because of its vast amount of space, as well as launch pads. Using launch-pads, you can strafe faster than a cannon!. After you step on the pad, face the direction you will head towards. When you land, continue to strafe. After practicing, you can strafe very quickly.

Tip3- HidingEdit

You can find many hiding spots in Cuberstrike. The best ones need Spring Grenades to get to. If you look up, you see many floating cubes. Find an open wall as high up as possible, and spring grenade yourself up! Simple. Once you get there, you can snipe. Just make sure you don't make sniping errors!